Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pretending to be something that your not. Subject matter is miniscule next to life. Nothing plastic matches up with flesh. Life neither starts with you or ends with you, it merely entertains you for a brief second.

Education has nothing on wisdom, knowledge has nothing on truth. Schools of thoughts are simply opinions. Only arguments getting louder outside the realm of family despair, but instead a childhood game of tag. Treat your life like entertainment and it will only entertain, it will never become one with you. Content, most certainly, alive, nope.

Sources upon sources produces nothing of the slightest matter. Arguments for arguments sake waste lives. If you're going to talk then say something meaningful. Unless you are the ones the meaning behind words is supposed to take.

Truth comes alive only in the present. To learn about the past only to dream about the past and not to gain truth about the present betrays your humanity. To live and not address life is to ruin one's life.

Madison H. Mullanphy Teaches The Serpents How To Sing The Blues

Walking around with the yokes on their neck, they feel they are ful.filled - Education around their ankles, truth running wild..!!!! with beauty.
Barred not for acquiring truth but knowledge locked the gate upon the garden.
Knowledge passed upon as though it was worth more than a lie.
Truth is universal, it resides only in the mind of the soul.
Education is only the first level of colonization.